How to make big progress slowly

How do you conquer climbing a mountain or completing a huge project? What’s the best way to go about it? People, including me, like to rush at the last second, taking the heroic approach. But is that the best way to go? In my experience—definitely not.

When you try to rush, work through the night, and crank it out, it may seem like you succeeded. That’s not possible to keep up all the time, though. I used to work at places where we did the hero thing, multiple times a quarter. After a while, people started quitting and developing health problems. It was a consistency failure.

The same thing happens when you work out and train for something. It’s much more effective to apply consistent, slow but manageable work. It’s not as glamorous but it’ll get you to the top of the mountain. In this video, I climbed Mt. Glory to 10,130′ and didn’t break a sweat because I went slowly. It wasn’t glorious but I got the job done.

You can too!

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