How to Fly First Class at Economy Prices

I share with you how to fly for adventure travel in style cheaply. Flying to far-away places can be expensive. I give you some of the pointers so you can fly cheaper the more you fly. It’s a system that if done properly can make travel cheap, easy, and more enjoyable.

0:00 Motivation for Adventure Travel in style
2:19 What you need first
3:01 My big long-term mistake
3:33 Airline credit card
3:52 Can you get a free ticket?
4:16 TSA precheck worth it?
5:01 TSA precheck free
5:16 Is Clear worth it?
5:38 How to Get TSA Precheck and Clear for Free
5:49 Free Starbucks while flying
6:08 How much free food I ate
7:12 How to get the “free” stuff
7:41 Skip airport security lines
8:18 Get the $525 mimosa
9:26 Get into airport lounges for free
10:30 This is how to you do the premium
10:40 Get the free airline ticket every year
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