How to Copy an SD card to a Hard Drive using only an iPhone iPad iOS 13 NO LAPTOP

Aaron shows you how to use an iPhone through a powered USB hub to copy an SD card to a HDD/SSD without a laptop.

It is now possible to use only an iPhone to copy or backup an SD card to a HDD (hard disk drive) through a USB hub without using a laptop. This is huge for travelers, backpackers, adventurers, and film makers. Having all of your footage on a single SD card is scary. Losing or having the card fail can be catastrophic. Often it’s not possible to have a laptop while backpacking or traveling. Aaron shows how to use a powered USB hub to run access a portable hard drive using an iPhone Xs.

Aaron shows the process of using IOS 13’s File app for connecting, copying, pasting, creating folders, navigation, and ejecting devices. This is great for photographers, videographers, drone operators, filmmakers, adventurers, travelers, and the like. This technique works for SD, CF, Compact Flash, QXD, and any other card you can think of. You can even copy your USB mass storage camera/camcorder to a HDD/SDD using your iPhone or iPad.

Video table of contents

0:13 SD to HDD and thumb drives overview
2:04 Files on iOS 12 and iOS 13
2:24 Hardware overview
2:39 Powered USB hub options
3:17 Required iPhone adapter
3:29 Wall power for phone
3:41 SD card to phone
3:58 How the iPhone handles non-standard file formats like Canon camcorders or Sony RX100
4:29 How to connect everything
5:41 Inserting & Detecting SD card
6:40 Connecting HDD to iPhone
7:11 How to copy a folder of the SD card
7:33 Creating and naming a folder on the HDD using iPhone
7:59 How to paste file from SD to HDD – special trick
8:13 Beginning paste from SD to HDD
10:28 Finished copy from SD to HDD
11:05 Why use a powered hub with HDD
11:15 Viewing files on HDD
11:42 Overview of ejecting all devices, risks, indicators
12:30 Eject SD card
12:54 Eject HDD (portable laptop hard drive)
13:22 Why SD backups matter (saved $10,000 shoot)
15:08 Other iOS 13 features
15:08 Plug in 64GB Sandisk SD chip
15:14 How to copy any camcorder or other folder
16:19 Future How To SD to SD video plan
16:56 Device eject issues and indication
17:08 HDD drive light indicator
17:14 SD card reader access light indicator

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