How to Back Up SD microSD CompactFlash to External SSD with iPhone iPad NO COMPUTER iOS 13

In-Depth How to Video for copying files using only an iPhone

Aaron shows you how to back up your SD (Secure Digital) or microSD (from GoPro, Osmo, Yi, DJI, drone) or CF (Compact Flash) to an external solid state drive (SSD) using only an iPhone, USB hub, and a cheap battery pack. This method doesn’t require a laptop, PC, Mac, computer, Macbook, or anything else. You can copy files in the field from your camera to a portable SSD, this case a SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable External SSD.
Assuming you can charge up your phone, cameras, and the portable battery pack, you can keep filming and photographing in the field until you fill up your cards, chips, and the 2TB backup. This is awesome for film makers, travelers, photographers, videographers, vloggers, bloggers, creators, and influencers.

This method will also work copying from the USB port of your camera through the hub using the iPhone to the SSD. Just connect your camera, put it into USB mass storage mode, connect it to the hub, and follow the rest of the instructions in the video. The Sandisk SSD is formatted exFAT.
Aaron also talks about the folder delete but doesn’t totally delete bug in iOS13.

How to copy from an SD card to an external laptop USB hard drive:

0:07 Overview
3:54 What you need to make this work
6:11 Connect the camera adapter
6:34 Files app
7:01 Insert SD card into hub
7:35 Connect the battery
7:49 SD card shows up on phone
8:40 Plug in SSD to Hub and shows up on iPhone
9:03 Plug in CF/SD reader
9:46 Add microSD card to the USB hub
10:48 File copy/paste procedure from SD to SSD
11:03 Create a new folder on the SSD
12:18 Copy from microSD to SSD
13:20 Copy from Compact Flash CF to SSD (single file select)
14:39 Delete folder bug in iOS13
16:33 How to connect to a HDD
16:44 Ejecting Devices
18:54 Apple 3.5mm adapter

Required components

Get the Sandisk 2TB Solid state drive (SDD) at Amazon:
Get the Uni USB-C hub on Amazon:
Get the PNY T2200 2200mAh 1 Amp PowerPack on Amazon:
Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter:
Get additional USB-C to USB-3 cables from the video:

Additional items in the video

Get the Apple SD card reader:
Apple Lightning to USB C cable:
Belkin Lighting to 3.5mm and power adapter:

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