Hiking Blue Miner Lake to Sleeping Indian Jackson Hole

I take you on a full two-day hike into the wilderness hiking to Blue Miner Lake to Sleeping Indian in Jackson Hole in this video. This overnight trip is best done as a shuttle hike with a friend, that way you don’t have to backtrack. Instead, just enjoy the summit of Sleeping Indian (Sheep Mountain) after spending the night at Blue Miner Lake.
I also try a little fly fishing at Blue Miner Lake. It is a great secluded lake with some potential. I could see fish striking at insects so I had a chance, though the wind didn’t help my efforts.
I had a small disaster – I popped my air mat at night during the lightning storm. It made for an interesting evening of sleeping. I tell you how I dealt with that issue and how to avoid making my mistake.
This hike is featured in the Gros Ventre section of my Jackson Hole Hiking Guide: https://amzn.to/36bdsK6

0:00 Hike start
2:33 Creek crossing
3:09 The hike to Blue Miner Lake
4:24 Grizzly Lake Trail Junction
15:35 Day 2
15:51 Damaged air mat
18:05 Dealing with a damaged air mat at night
26:09 Fly fishing
27:01 Leaving Blue Miner Lake
28:38 First snow field
30:25 Sleeping Indian Sheep Mountain Summit
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