Adversity Expert details,hike,park,Peak,Tour,Travel,Trips,video Hike the Highpoint of South Dakota Black Elk Peak (Harney Peak)

Hike the Highpoint of South Dakota Black Elk Peak (Harney Peak)

I take you on a hike to the highpoint of South Dakota, Black Elk Peak, formerly known as Harney Peak. On this hike, I helped save a couple who ran out of water when it was 104ºF (40ºC). They crawled up to the summit, shaking with hunger and dehydration. The wife looked like he was about to vomit and pass out, so I gave them the rest of my water. Even though I was parched, I knew I could make it without a problem. Plus it didn’t look like they had a headlamp, either, for the coming sunset.
Come prepared with AT LEAST two liters of water per person, several snacks, and a headlamp. You never know how long you will be in the forest. This hike is tougher than people anticipate in the summer heat.
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