Getting ready

For the past week, I have been working feverishly to prepared to move up to Jackson, Wyoming, to continue my training there. Life in Carlsbad was great but it is not challenging. The hills are difficult to tow and run, but at an elevation of 300 feet, the area does not simulate Antarctica very well at all.

Part of my preparations are to make sure that my vehicle is running decently. At seven years old, it has 230,000 miles on it. Most of those miles originally were from commuting from Temecula to Carlsbad. That is the story of former blog posts, though. Most of my miles now are travel and road trip.

At around 200,000 miles, the head gasket of the engine went. I had it replaced and got a used engine in there. As long as that does not blow up, I should be okay. One of the things that happened when the install was done, though, was the skid plates were reinstalled.

My skid plates were custom bent up by yours truly. As a consequence, they did not fit together as the original factory intended. And, that made things rattle at the right RPM. It made the vehicle sound like a diesel. That annoyed me.

So, I borrowed my dad’s crowbar and made some adjustments, as can be seen in the below picture. It’s funny to take a large steel bar and bang on your trusty vehicle. It doesn’t make much sense, though it worked perfectly.


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