Getting good sleep. ZZZzzz….

Does lack of sleep have an impact on your body?  Absolutely!  It seems obvious but when


Sleepy time

you’re just getting ready for work, you might not notice compared to working out heavily.  As was this morning when I was doing the weight training portion of my workout regimine.  I didn’t get to sleep until past midnight after going to see Radical Reels from Banff.  It was well worth seeing the films, videos and short movies (they’re all different).

However, in the morning, I was seriously slugged out.  As I started performing basic body weight exercises, I could feel my energy draining down to nothing.  After powering up with a light breakfast, it was back to it.  Now my energy level was okay but I felt slightly dizzy and just not able to crank through the sets like normal.

That reminds me of a question a friend posed to me years ago after a punishing performance in a half-marathon.

“Do you really think that staying up until 2am affected my performance?”

Needless to say, I was flabbergasted.  Yes, it did.


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