Gas explosion in Jackson, WY

There was a large propane gas explosion in Jackson Hole, WY today. Here are some pictures showing the huge smoke plume in from Amerigas on Gregory Lane and High School Road. All businesses around the area have been evacuated, including Bell Fitness and Smith Food King.

Please email me if you want to use the full resolution images in your news article. These are only cropped down samples.

DSC_D8-9660 IMG_0428 DSC_D8-9659 IMG_0427

All of these photos are © 2014 Aaron Linsdau.

2 thoughts on “Gas explosion in Jackson, WY”

  1. Vicki Linsdau says:

    It’s amazing no one was injured or killed.

    1. Aaron says:

      I can’t believe no one was, either. More of the story will come out today, but it sounds like the driver saved a bunch of people at the fitness center with quick thinking.

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