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The listing for my first flash photography class at the Art Association of Jackson Hole is up!Flash photo class listing

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If you ever wondered how photographers get some of those wow shots, I can promise you that they probably didn’t use an on-camera flash.  They took their strobe (flash) off camera.  If you think getting started is expensive, it’s not.  Basic ones cost less than $100.  They just need manual power control.  A hot shoe connection or an optical slave are very inexpensive, too.

How do you do get your strobe off camera, you ask?  Well, sign up for the class at the art center and find out.  Even if you don’t own a strobe, you will learn a lot more about photography and how to get better images out of your camera.

For the amount of education and time you get with this class, the price is incredibly cheap!  To get this much private time with a photographer would cost you at least 5x what the class costs.  My private workshops aren’t this inexpensive – it’s a steal.  This is better than online tutorials, too.  You will have the chance to pepper me with questions, ones that you just couldn’t find or get answers for on the web.  And even if you found those answers on the web, I’ll be able to show you how to make it happen.

There will be plenty of time for in-class demonstrations.  Live.  Right there in front of you.  If you want to try something a little different, maybe photograph an object you want to look good, it’s possible we can adjust and toss it on the table.  You will see what it really takes, what the process is, and how to get the end result.  The best part is, I will have my camera hooked up to the computer and then the projector so you will be able to see shots as they happen.  I won’t try and show you just the back of the camera LCD.  That’s lame and not high-tech.  You will be able to see the shots as they come off the camera.  What the mistakes are, what they look like, and how to develop your shot.  How cool is that?

Strobe photography is fun!

Strobe photography is fun!

There will be a second, more advanced class in late February, too.  This class will focus on the use of one or two flashes.  The second flash photography class will focus on three and four flashes to really take your photography to a wow level.  Even if you are not interested in doing commercial work, which multiple flash photography usually entails, you will learn so much more about photography and the process than you ever imagined.  You will look at the world, through your lens, with completely different eyes.

We will be using the camera in manual mode, too.  This will be one of the major topics of my intermediate photography classes in March and April.  Dont’ miss those.  You will get out of basic automatic mode.  You certainly didn’t spend $700-$6000 on a camera only to use it in the mode with the least control.  You might have paid that much to have the camera do all the thinking for you, but your camera can do so much more.  So can you!

Once the other class links are up, I’ll post them here.  If you have questions about the class, email me, contact on Facebook, Twitter or whatever.  Heck, even do the old-fashioned thing and call.

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