First in three

Even with the planned video shoot over the weekend, more things bundled up to conspire to take me away from other things I had wanted to do. All of this added up to 3 days of assault where I’ve been running around, yet feeling like I’ve gotten nothing done & no workouts.

My parents’ hard drive choked and took a digger. It seems to be associated with the second drive we added. If it’s not broken…

We’ve spent many hours on FaceTime reloading Windows XP to get them back up. It’s become more difficult to do that as XP is so old. As trying to read a technical screen on an iPhone is tough, it prevents me from getting my place cleaned & packed. I love helping my parents, I just despise working on Windows machines. The Apple Koolaide was drank and it tasted good.

So this morning, traffic found me dragging the tire all the way to El Camino Real on Cannon. It went well other than breaking a zip tie holding the sign. I limped it home & put much stronger straps on for future bumping around.


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