Finding Windpro fleece for ski pogies

Finding outdoor raw fabrics by the yard is a challenge!  When you search for fabrics and



materials, all you initially come up with are products made out of the material but not the raw material itself.  Thus it’s very difficult to get started making ski pogies.

What are pogies you ask?  Here’s a site on pogies:

Wizard’s Sleeve Ski Pogies

In the instructions, the author lists that outdoor fabrics are easily found at specialty stores.  Finding the specialty stores is the killer.  The website Specialty Outdoors has a wonderful source list for most any outdoor fabric you might need:

Specialty Outdoors Fabric Sources

This pages saved me hours of stumbling around, trying to find just the right thing.

I’ll be ordering some Windpro fleece to make those pogies.  If I don’t have to wear my mega-mittens skiing, I’ll be much happier.

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