Finally at half marathon range

I have finally achieved half marathon range with my Five Finger


Vibrim Five Finger shoes

shoes. It’s taken a long, long time. Today was within spitting distance of that elusive 13.1 miles.
At 2 hours in, I started to cramp up, signaling that my body was running low on salt. And when you run low on salt, walking is what you’ll be doing instead of running.
Normally, living in Carlsbad has eliminated the cramping problem due to cooler temperatures and less sun compared to Temecula. But I left at 10am and the sun was just peaking out of the clouds. By the time I rounded the corner in the Carlsbad Village, I started to feel a little slower. My spirits were still high and remained so all the way up to Calaveras Hills.

The onset of running out of electrolytes was evidenced by the tendons above my left ankle bothering me. I stopped for a bit, massaged my leg to didn’t feel any sprains. So, I forged on. After the pain came back again, I stopped and did the quadriceps stretch. At that time my hamstring started to tighten, as though it was trying to cramp.


Lack of electrolytes.

Considering that my bottle of buffered sodium pills was only 2

11.2 mile route

11.2 mile route

miles away, I altered my gait and toughed it out. Whenever there was pain, I walked. Long ago, I learned not to push through the real pain – that only leads to injury.

Pushing through muscle soreness is one thing. Having tendons and ligaments hurt signals something more insidious. You don’t want to go there. The listen to your body adage is right in that case!

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