Featherweight solar panels

These solar panels I bought from one of my sponsors, HumanEdgeTech, are pretty amazing. The sun can be off axis 60° meaning the sun is barely striking the panels, and yet I can still charge three nickel metal hydride batteries.

Solar panels charging Ni-MH batteries

Solar panels charging Ni-MH (Nickel metal hydride) batteries

Solar panels are most efficient when the sun is perpendicular to the surface, that is, directly over the panels. My testing is showing that the sun can be about three hours above the horizon, and still have enough power to drive three batteries. The sun position is roughly what I expect to experience in Antarctica.

So if I am able to mount my solar panels vertically, say on my skis or poles, I should be able to charge things at a good pace.

If I am unable to charge batteries or my phones or my Solara or anything, it will be game over. It’s amazing how much expeditions rest on a few small items.

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