Equipment donation

A huge thanks to Linda K. of San Diego for a donation of an iPod Nano.  It will

iPod Nano

iPod Nano

go a long way to keeping me sane out on the world’s ultimate ice cube.  My plan is to load the iPod with as many audio books as I can cram on there plus a few select tunes for pick-me-ups.


As many have warned, it’s best to have some sort of audio/visual stimulation, as the eternal sheet of white against blue can really mess up the mind.

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New signNew sign

The new vinyl sign is rigged up to the tire. I need to zip tie the top bar together, as it fell off along Carlsbad Village Drive. I knew I’d

Private donationsPrivate donations

Several generous private donations have been recently made toward financing this expedition. Thank you Hollyann, Joann, Allen and Barbara!! Securing sponsors is a slow process but I’m confident everything will