Editing the OpenOffice dictionary on the Mac

While working on the draft of my book, Antarctic Tears, in OpenOffice, I accidentally added a word I did not want into the user dictionary.  As I’ve been going along, I’ve learned OpenOffice does not have technical words from

Access OpenOffice Dictionary

Access OpenOffice Dictionary

Antarctica, like sastrugi and Thiel’s.  So, I added them.  However, I initially added Theil’s and was unable to remove the word, so the spell checker kept skipping that error.

To fix this or alter any words added to the standard dictionary (standard.dic) to OpenOffice, do the following (Mac OS 10.8, OpenOffice 3.4.1):

  1. Click OpenOffice->Preferences…
  2. Click the little arrow next to Language Settings
  3. Select Writing Aids
  4. Click Edit… next to the User-defined dictionaries
  5.  Edit the added words to the dictionary, either New or Delete
Edit OpenOffice Dictionary

Edit OpenOffice Dictionary

Doing this allows you to add or remove words from the dictionary.  This is handy when misspelling something and then adding it to the dictionary by accident.

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