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Based on reading Alexander Gamay’s blog, a Norwegian who made the first solo trip to the south pole and back, I need to dramatically increase my calorie intake. The weight loss experienced by Gamay and also the Australian team demonstrated I do not weigh enough to survive the trek.

It was interesting to note in Gamay’s blog that he started eating ice cream right before going to bed. In order to compensate for the 20+ pounds he lost in Antarctica, he had to consume massive calories prior to the expedition. He needed to have enough cellulite to lose, he joked about himself.

Thinking about what is normally over-eating, having ice cream before bed, and generally gorging myself is not exciting in the, “I get to eat whatever I want” perspective. My biggest problem is I have a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, filling me with good wholesome nutrients. Bananas and apples won’t pack on the pounds so I can lose them later this year, though.

The irony is I eat pretty well for a bachelor. I consume little junk food. I never buy chips or snacks. This is all going to have to change.

Both Cas and Jonesy (the Australians) looked like refugees at the end. Gamay reported his legs were reduced to sticks. Most explorers lose at least 20 and some up to 40 pounds while in Antarctica, on an 80+ day trek.

As I’ve weighed in at 160 pounds for the past seven years, this is going to be a big challenge for me. It seems that no matter how much I eat, working out burns those meals right off. My metabolism is not that efficient for the activities I like to do.

In any case, I definitely need to step up my eating habits to include much higher calorie foods. But, I have to make sure these meals are still highly nutritious. The ice cream is just an extra bonus.

Consider this: when trekking through the Antarctic, humans burn 6000 calories per day. And lose weight. That amounts to eating 11 Big Macs. Supersize it.

Bed time meal:


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  1. Me says:

    You’ve got a big weight gain ahead of you so please keep some of these things in mind so it’s as healthy a weight-gain as possible.
    If I could give you my ability to put on lbs, I would in a second!

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