d300s-badge-DSC03305The Nikon D300s was the last professional grade DSLR Nikon made with an APS-C sized sensor as of Mar 2014. This camera has been my workhorse for quite a number of years. It has traveled through and survived -45 degree F temperatures in Yellowstone at 8,000?. It survived a bounce off of hard ice at the Canyon Visitor Center in Yellowstone. The camera made it through the Sahara desert for days on end with nary a problem. This camera is a tank. It is still my go-to for fast shooting and sports. The only camera I would look to replace it with is the D4s.

Although some say that the D7100 is a direct replacement, I disagree completely. The D7100 does not have weather sealing, remote release, PC sync, or any of the other professional features. It does have better image quality (IQ), but that’s of little use if you can’t get the shot for whatever reason.

More info to come…

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