Comparing Sony ICD-UX560 audio performance vs Zoom H5 Canon camcorder iPhone Xs plus lavaliere

Aaron compares the Sony ICD-UX560 audio performance vs a Canon G20, Zoom H5, iPhone, and using a lavaliere in a bunch of combinations. The Sony ICD-UX560 mini-recorder is quite resistant to audible plosives from breath and wind. It’s not completely invincible to outdoor breeze but it does well. The Zoom H5 picks up every plosive. It’s more sensitive but it’s a different class of recorder. Aaron tests in a regular office/room (without sound treatment) and also above a beach bluff for a real-world test. At the beach, he tests regular, focused, and wide mic modes. There was a weird subtle digital garble at 13:37:10. I’ve never heard it before. We’ll pass it as a one-off. Watch his original Sony ICD-UX560 review here: 0:25 Start with Canon G20+lavaliere + FCPX compression 2:02 Canon G20+lavaliere (No audio compression for duration of testing) 2:51 Sony LPCM 44.1kHz/16-bit 4:26 Canon G20 + lavaliere 4:49 Sony MP3 + voice: low 5:40 Canon G20 + lavaliere 6:08 Sony MP3 + voice: auto 6:46 Canon G20 + lavaliere 7:01 Sony MP3 + voice: medium 7:43 Canon G20 + lavaliere 8:05 Sony MP3 + voice: high 8:51 Canon G20 + lavaliere 9:35 Canon G20 on-camera mic 10:36 Sony MP3 + lavaliere 11:35 Canon G20 on-camera mic 11:45 Canon G20 + lavaliere 12:13 Sony MP3 + music: low 12:50 Canon G20 + lavaliere 13:16 Sony MP3 + music: medium 13:50 Canon G20 + lavaliere 14:06 Sony MP3 + music: high 14:42 Canon G20 + lavaliere 16:28 Zoom H5 standard mic capsule 17:13 Canon G20 + lavaliere 17:24 Canon G20 on-camera mic 17:45 Zoom H5 + lavaliere 18:35 Canon G20 + lavaliere 19:08 Canon G20 on-camera mic 19:50 iPhone Xs 20:16 Sony MP3 + voice: low, mic normal mode 20:42 iPhone Xs 21:08 Sony MP3 + voice: low, mic focused mode 21:40 iPhone Xs 21:55 Sony MP3 + voice: low, mic wide mode 22:35 iPhone Xs 22:52 Sony MP3 + voice: low, mic normal mode 23:07 iPhone Xs 23:15 Canon G20 + lavaliere, FCPX compression turned on again Sony ICDUX560BLK recorder on Case for the recorder on Polson OLM-10 microphone at Auray Fuzzy Windbuster for Lavalier Microphones at Zoom H5 on The post Comparing Sony ICD-UX560 audio performance vs Zoom H5 Canon camcorder iPhone Xs plus lavaliere appeared first on AARON LINSDAU Motivational Speaker.

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