Climb the King goal

Even with the top of my right knee feeling weak, I was still able to power up Snow King in 41:22. I am within spitting distance of my goal of making it in under 40 minutes.

One thing that slowed me down is that weakness in the right knee. I’m not exactly sure what it is, though I will need to give it some ice and Advil. It felt like that after my tow yesterday.

I was able to power through at about 80% of maximum speed through the towing session. That is far better than when I first arrived here. I’m beginning to acclimatize and feel better, though I’m kind of sniffly from all the different new allergens to me. I need to go find some locally made honey and consume it so I can get used to those things.

Today was a much more enjoyable climb. Yesterday was blasting hot, as it got to 94 degress in the valley. Not exactly pleasant for stomping up mountains.


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A text I sent today: You must fall in love with hills. They will make you stronger, faster and more resilient. Be one with the hill. You might have been