Christmas eve meeting

Along the way an Antarctica, something unbelievably strange happened.  I heard a voice calling out my name in the literal middle of nowhere.  Having traveled over 300 miles at that point, it never occurred to me that someone might come across me.

And yet, it happened.

Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir was vying to be the first woman from Iceland to solo-ski from Hercules Inlet on the Ronne Ice shelf situated on the Antarctic coast to the South Pole.  This meant she was to receive no outside assistance, either to move her equipment or to pick up along the way.

She knew I was out there and who I was, while I really knew no one, as I left a month prior to all other expeditions.  The visit was completely unexpected but a great Christmas present – someone to talk to, in person.

She became the first Icelandic female to make the trip, only the 29th human in history to solo ski to the Pole.  Thousands of climbers have stood on Everest.  I’ve been told by people who have done Everest that skiing to the Pole was easily ten times more difficult than getting to the peak.  And those people were with teams of skiers, not by themselves.

As I’m working on creating a film from my expedition footage, I needed a little brushing up on Final Cut Pro X.  It’s been a bit since I’ve edited so I wanted to work on something short before getting into something longer.

The most enjoyable part was creating the foley, or sound effects, for this tiny clip.  Even though there are plenty of sound effects libraries on the web, many are not quite right, expensive or just totally unavailable for what I need.  Take for instance the ski sound.  All of the sound effects I found were more like someone stirring garbage rather than cross country skiing.  Totally ineffective.

That’s not what skis sound like on the Antarctic surface.  I went out and recorded my own foley in the Melody Creek Ranch area on the remaining snow in Jackson Hole.

Recording the ski sounds was only the second time I’ve skied since I’ve returned from continent 7 and it felt good.  I almost felt like I needed to have a pulk (sled) attached to me.

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  1. Sigridur Valdimarsdottir says:

    Hi there, Vilborg did a greate job skiing all this miles alone and rising money for very good cause. Probably almost all 320 thousend of us icelanders knew of it and the fund rising was quiet big. I wasnt the most enthusiastick follower but seeing and hearing your video caught me big time. Keep up the good work. Regards Sigga

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