Canon Vixia HF W11 In-Depth Review—Waterproof Camcorder—The GoPro Killer?

Canon Vixia HF W11 In-Depth Review

There is a new waterproof camcorder on the market. It’s the Canon Vixia HF W11. It claims to be 16ft/5m depth capable, waterproof, able to handle drops from up to 4.9 feet, can handle saltwater, and it has a built-in LED illuminator. Aaron has been looking for an adventure camcorder that goes way beyond the GoPro 5/6/7. The Canon W11 may be the GoPro killer.

In this video, Aaron covers:


Canon W11 overview and Hidden Secrets and Features  of the camera that aren’t in the manual. Some features are disabled in certain modes and they’re not documented but will affect your ability to use them. Watch the video to find out what feature(s) are disabled in some video modes.

Recommended SD cards (including do not use micro/mini SD)

Other items: Zoom ability, Date and time recording, Tele macro ability, Manual mode, LED for low light, Internal audio tests, Battery management and charging, Weight vs gopro, Time Lapse, White balance, data on screen, 60i vs 60p, data rates, zoom microphone function, digital zoom, manual focus, backlight modes, freshwater submersion test, saltwater submersion! and beach test, wind suppression on/off/auto, zoom and focus noise, zoom range, 32GB internal memory, and general overview.

At 1h 10m there was a water drop on the lens I missed. It washed off easily.

Get the following items used in this video at Amazon:

Vixia Vixia HF W11:

Gopro 7 Black:

Sony ICD-UX560:

Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB:

Polson OLM-10 lavalier :

Auray Fuzzy Windbuster for Lavalier Microphones:

Canon G50:

Selfie Stick:

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Dulla M50000 battery module:

Watch Aaron’s Sony ICD-UX560 review here:

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