Calories per ounce

Finding high calories per ounce food for polar exploration is difficult.  Mountain House products used to have a higher caloric content in their food.  However, sources around Jackson indicate that customers complained the meals were not healthy.  As the only time most anyone will ever eat a freeze dried on a regular basis, I don’t think this is a big deal but I’m not being beat up by consumers, either.

<soapbox> After hiking 20 miles, will anyone complain about 80 more calories in a meal?  No, that person will be starving and wish they had more to eat.

As such, I have compiled a list of potential meals I’ll be eating.  The top five in calories per ounce will be my dinner meal for the duration of the expedition.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, 2 Serving Meals
September 1, 2012
ItemCodeWeight(oz)ServingsCal/servingTotal CalsCal/oz
Macaroni & cheese531586.813.0310930136.6
Rice & chicken531056.383.0280840131.7
Chili mac/beef531284.802.5240600125.0
Lasagna meat sauce531274.802.5240600125.0
Chicken a la King531116.353.0260780122.8
Beef stew531144.302.5210525122.1
Spaghetti meat sauce531084.512.5220550122.0
Mex. style chicken rice531445.403.0210630116.7
Noodles & chicken531314.732.5220550116.3
Sweet sour pork rice531346.102.5280700114.8
Potato cheddar broccoli531624.372.5200500114.4
Chicken mash potatoes531703.702.0210420113.5
Beef Teryaki/rice531235.752.5260650113.0
New Orleans Rice shrimp ham531975.112.5230575112.5
Chicken teryaki rice531245.012.5220550109.8
Chicken white bean chili531994.802.515037578.1


Since the most important column falls off the edge of the blog, I’ve included the original Excel File of the analysis.

Mountain House calories sep 2012

Please note note all Mountain House products have been included.  Only the ones I’m likely to eat.

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