One of the things about making foot adjustments this early is I still have time to suffer through them and become stronger. I was noticing cracks in the pads of my feet and took to them with a file. This help remove the callous material but in doing so, it exposed the softer side of my feet.

So now, I am enjoying small bruises on the pads of both feet. This was from running yesterday. It first started when I did my six hour tow and then the next day did a 14 mile run.


I knew that I was going to be sore because I was also pounding new boots. I did break the boots in but there is a time where you just have to put lots of miles in those boots and it’s going to hurt for a while.

I do not want not march on my old dead boots much anymore because I’m afraid that I might hurt something because they’re worn out. They feel great but I know they are at the end of their service life.

I’m going to put my heavy smart wool socks on and do some heavy towing today. There is no allowance for slacking at all this close to the trip time.

The smart wools will provide plenty of padding and hopefully make it no problem. I will bring a first aid kit just in case.

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