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When you sign up for something with enthusiasm, you might not look



at all the impacts or challenges the activity entails. As you get into the details, you might realize that the challenge is much greater than what you first thought it to be. The Antarctica expedition is certainly one of those. It’s going to take the full year to have everything in place and all the proper training done.

A microcosm of making sure you check things out before signing up is me signing up with a friend to do the Tour de Julian. We are signed up to do the 25 mile ride through Julian, down toward Cedar Creek and up engineer road. When I looked at the elevation profile of the ride, I knew it was going to be tough. My riding partner was very gung-ho on the ride but wanted to check out the course.

Engineer Road in Julian

Engineer Road near Julian

After signing up.

That’s not exactly the order it should have been done in but here we are.  As we hit Cedar Creek and drove slowly up Engineer Road, a wash of awareness came over her face.  That hill is respectable to hike up with a decent pack.  But riding up it is a whole other matter.

As such, I made sure to go out and ride over Tamarack and Skyline from El Camino Real in Carlsbad 5 times on Monday night to make sure I could do it myself.  I was able to and it took quite a while to rack up the mileage to the point that the ride was a decent simulation of getting over Engineer Road.

Even though it was dark and the temperature was dropping, my glasses still fogged up from the steam I was generating from rolling that hill so many times.  It reminded me of skiing with foggy lenses.  Not being able to see the path really takes something out of it.  But, as soon as I picked up speed, the fog dissipated from the lenses and I was able to see again.  Perhaps I need to invest in some anti-fog spray for my riding glasses.

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