Better feeling big drag

Saturday was a long tire drag day, a full 5 miles.  It’s nothing like the 15-20 I’ll need to be

Trash for workout gear

Trash for workout gear

doing in the winter.  It’s something you have to work up to.  After doing the assault ride 2 weeks ago, this tire drag was much easier!

Now I was able to do some filming that I’m editing now and will be done with shortly.  That filming really slowed me down, though.  The time it takes to do the filming to support the expedition and activity is a problem.  If my tow times have to improve dramatically only to be slowed down by filming, I’m going to have a tough go at it.

Dragging the tire along in the beating sun is a slight help because it puts me under strain.  That’s the only way to make this a little more difficult in southern California.  Towing along El Camino Real gives a good simulation of the irritation of constant wind.  Cars blowing by isn’t the same but it has the same irritation level.  Strange how they don’t bother me as much when riding.

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