Back in business

After a week of full down-time, I’m back in business!  My right foot didn’t hurt at all towing the tire on back-to-back days.  Woo hoo!

This means I’ll have to be a little more careful about stacking days on the running/towing/riding bundle.  Since towing is still quite difficult and I don’t expect that to change, a long tow will have to be all that happens in any particular day.

There is still the matter of the Tour de Julian this weekend.  As my number showed up, I’m paid and ready to go.  Perhaps I’ll have to stop and do it anyway and just take it easy the whole way.  As I’ve not ridden in nearly a week, it may not be prudent.  But, I’ve done several tough spin sessions with narry a trouble.  If I’m able to pack it in, I’ll hit up a couple Tamarack hill runs to see how things feel.

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