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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 79. Camp position South 089 degrees 52 decimal 668 minutes, West 032 degrees 17 decimal 367 minutes. Distance traveled 8.4 miles, time 9.5 hours, elevation 9,100 feet, distance to South Pole 7 miles, way point 4.8 miles. One bummer is I can actually see the station now but I can’t get to it at all because there’s a high voltage transmission line that runs right through that area so you actually have to take quite a detour which is a real bummer, meaning I’m gonna end up having a full full day tomorrow. Unfortunately I got a butt kicker of sleep last night, as you wake up and your head spins, man what I wouldn’t give for some Advil pm. Doing ok, it was white out for, fudge, 6 plus hours, I was fully navigating on instruments, that sucked. Needless to say It was quite challenging, you pretty much stumble around, look at your instrument, look up, ski 60 seconds, look down, oh man, totally crazy, but. Little bit better now, I’m able to charge the phone so I should be able to make my phone calls. Please note, I will do my absolute best to make my phone calls, cause there’s suppose to be clouds coming in so I have to keep my phone available for airplane calls and such, so I will promise to do my absolute best, gonna be tight so what ever phone number you gave me please have it ready or your cell phone. Other than that just tired, excited, nervous, after 10 years of planning, thinking, dreaming and doing, I just gotta crank out another 8 milesish tomorrow, oh boy. Hope all is well with everyone. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello from Antarctica, day 17. Camp position South 80 degrees 37 decimal 536 minutes, position West 081 degrees 00 decimal 117 minutes. Distance 4.5 nautical miles, time 8.5 hours I