Audio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 78. Camp position South 89 degrees 46 decimal 357 minutes, West 064 degrees 35 decimal 881 minutes. Distance traveled 6 miles, time 6 miles, distance to South Pole 14 miles, elevation 9,100 feet. VLF way point 12 miles. Four rations of food left. Today was one of the most punishing traveling days I’ve had in I can’t even remember. It was complete white out for over 5 hours at 30 knot either head on or slightly off access wind, holy moly, plus I had my goggles iced up so it was pretty much as Alf said, zin travel, so I activated my little game of counting steps and then counting sets of 60 steps up to 80 or so and that’s a session. And every, when it’s white out, play with my chest harness with compass because in 60 steps I’m stumbling on a little sastrugi, getting shoved around by the wind, instead of heading south you could actually start heading southwest in as little as 60 steps. It’s unbelievably disorienting, kinda funny cause you get that same thing that pilots have sometimes where you don’t actually believe your instruments, you look your compass, your like, no way I’m heading east, that’s crap and then you wiggle around wiggle around, oh, or you think oh the wind has shifted, wow, that’s an incredible shift, yea no not quite. So yea that was interesting. And I definitely took my expedition managers advice and slept a little bit more and felt so much better. My throats getting sore, I’ve been seeing spots for over a week and a half, …, all sorts of weird stuff. I looked at my journal and realized that I have been going 9 hours a day for 40 days straight. Imagine hard work, pulling a sled in brutal weather, freezing, for 40 days straight and I haven’t had an off day since 70 days. The only reason I had an off day at 70 days ago was because I had bronchitis. As long as the weather cools down, and hopefully it snows, forecast is I should be at the pole in 2 days, I know I keep saying that but hopefully that will improve. And soon as I get there I’ll start making my phone calls, so please be ready. Also my phones already all at half battery of course cause I haven’t had any sun to charge and currently there are ice crystals in the sky, needing my other favorite thing, snow, so crud (laugh). I was hoping for easy, boring weather to roll into, no no no no Antarctica is giving me the royal send off. Took me an hour to unbury my tent this morning, love it. Hope all is well. Out!

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