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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 77. Position South 89 degrees 40 decimal 962 minutes, West 072 degrees 01 decimal 181 minute. Time of travel 9 hours, distance 7.3 miles. I lost an entire mile to serious serious head wind, probably 20-25 knots. It was bad, oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! Yea having that wind and loosing that mile and unfortunately being told that the wind will be staying with me through tomorrow means that there’s no way I will make the pole in 2 days. Seriously bummed about that, I was really hoping to roll in on, what ever day that would be, what is today? Friday? yea I was hoping to roll in on Friday evening, (he meant Sunday), that is definitely not going to happen, I’m seriously bummed. Unfortunately, uh yea, the wind that bad. I’m trying to run as cold as I can not to have fog in my goggles and not to have my kartaners get wet, which are my wool liners in my shoes or my boots, and to no avail both ice formed in my goggles and my kartankers were moist, moist meaning my feet were cold all day. And that’s not that bad but when I stop and I get off of my skis and march around and put the tent together that’s when the real pain starts. As long as I’m on my skis it’s kinda tolerable so oh man, toes are turning purple. Also that moisture causes my feet to dry out like crazy so they’re cracked, so I gotta put some lotion on them which makes my sleeping socks even colder. Definitely gonna be 3 days to the Pole, oh dang it. Hey uncle buddy thank you very much for sending my dispatches to grandpa, I really appreciate it. And Also Rincon Valley S.D. in Santa Rosa, thank you very much for listening and following on my dispatches here, I really appreciate it. Uh, oh man, wind, now the total white out where I’m blind it’s really not that big a deal other than you loose your balance, you can handle that, so my little two final nemesis are bad snow and wind and looks like Antarctica is really trying to give me a good send off here. So, in bed, I’m toast. Hope all is well with everyone. Out!

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