Audio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 76. Camp position South 89 degree 33 decimal 835 minutes, West 075 degree 53 decimal 430 minutes. Time of travel 9 hours, distance 8.3 miles, distance to South Pole 26 miles, elevation 9,100 feet. It was a super nice day for towing, overcast and no wind so I didn’t bake by the sun and I did get my face burned off. Apparently it’s suppose to be clearing but that also means the wind’s going to be increasing. I was kinda hoping that the forecast would say yea it’s going to be just like today for the next couple days but apparently not, that’s a bummer.I found out that the visitor’s center at the South Pole I guess is already closed, so if anybody out there knows how to finagle somebody to get me in there so I can get my passport stamped and maybe buy a few trinkets, I would hugely appreciate it. It would be a major bummer to ski almost 80 days only to be nixed by about 5, that would really suck. Dad thank you very much for the prayers, I have needed them like you can not believe. I guess I wouldn’t feel so bad but I just have not been getting sleep for the past 5, 6, 7 days, I wake up at 3-3:30 and just start swirling around, it’s pretty miserable. Um (laugh) just all this mind junk spinning around in my head, I mean only 26, 25 miles out so should be ok if nothing breaks and nothing turns punishment. I did find too that some more of my rations have gone bad because they were left in the sun. I’m shuffling things around so I don’t end up totally starving. Pretty much dead on my feet constantly with hunger so that kinda sucks, I don’t want to push my rations but I’m getting real tired of just starving and that does definitely suck. What else do we have going here? Oh the audio in my blog seems to be messed up, so hopefully you guys can even hear this. Kelly if you can somehow finagle Steve Daley or somebody to somebody who knows somebody to open that visitors center, I would definitely appreciate it please. Other than that, virtually no wind right now, it’s kinda warm in the tent. I really hope that wind stays really low and it’s way off axis. I wore my glasses today instead of my goggles cause my goggles just fog now, I get too warm, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, what’s happened or what. What a pain in the butt, so hopefully I’ll be able to do that or just keep taping my face and roll with that, who knows. Other than that ok but man I just want to sleep, I just want sleep. Hope all is well. Out!

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