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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 75. Camp position South 89 degrees 25 decimal 722 minutes, West 079 degrees 10 decimal 252 minutes. Distance 8.3 miles, time 9 hours, distance to the South Pole 34 nautical miles, elevation 9,100 feet. Way point to the VLf marker I’m headed for is 33 miles out at 176 degrees. Even thought I have my compass set 174 I’m still not quite on, I’m gonna correct it out to 172, using the compass here has become quite challenging cause the needle floats around everywhere and with the shaking of the compass it develops a massive bubble, I actually spend quite a lot of time trying to pin point navigate. Some areas this morning there’s tiny little lumps of sastrugi, they’re all mushy, it wasn’t too bad. Then there’s a massive open area where it’s almost impossible to sight anything and now I’m in little lumps of junk again. Uh icing on the goggles, no solution. I had it under control for so long and I think two things, one there’s no cross breeze it’s all front breeze so it just packs that air right into my face, it doesn’t blow it off and two my little masky thing hanging off my goggles to protect me probably keeps the steam in, but I noticed it’s not necessarily steam coming up but my face is actually warm, it’s the only warm part on my body. Ran with only my shirt and my parka today, I mean even though I eat against the wind when I’m sitting there it just cuts right though that thing so if the wind picks up I’m gonna have to put the leave in jacket on then the parka on, since I’m fogged up and iced anyway I guess it doesn’t matter. It was very difficult to run with the pants unzipped because any wind also bites into there. The kartankers getting wet, I figured out when I’ve got boots on I’m shoveling stuff out I get that hot flash feeling, that’s when they first get moist. They’re probably getting moist when I’m skiing but I’m cold, again this is, I think I had this problem when I first got here, battling it for about a week so again I don’t have a particular solution. As long as I can keep punching 8 plus miles a day, I don’t know if I want to mess with anything, try anything cause the more I fool with it the worse things get. Um, what else? Oh yea, weather tomorrow is suppose to be super light air but with the deteriorating conditions, overcast coming in. Apparently ALE is bugging out of South Pole camp maybe early, I don’t know what the whole deal is, so there’s not really gonna be a team there. I’m running fairly tight on food, as long as I get to the Pole in 4 days I’ve got 2 or 3 days of food left so talk about cutting it to the absolute wire. I’ve only got 2 liters of fuel left, so they’re gonna leave me 6 days of food a gallon of fuel so if terrible weather descends and they can’t come in and eventually pluck me out, I won’t starve and dehydrate to death. Should be able to arrange a tour at the station, that’ll be good. Uh guess a lot of technical details but I still got 32 miles to go. For any other activity, running, jogging, biking, anything, backpacking, 34 is nothing but on skis towing sleds it is still 4 days, it’s just blows my mind. But that’s ok I’m keeping the mantra of just gotta hang for 4 more days and then I get to just lay around and fricken sleep, I’m so toast. Wake up at 3am thrash around, I just can’t get back to sleep, it’s kickin my butt. Also being short on butter or actually having no butter, uh yea enjoying some serious bonking but I’ve got some food for it stashed, couple cookies and what not so I’m gonna start nibbing into them just to take the edge off. Hope all is well with everyone. Out!

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Hello Happy New Year 2013, Aaron in Anarctica, day 60. Camp position South 87 degrees 17 decimal 404 minutes, West 082 degrees 39 decimal 525 minutes. Distance traveled 11.5 miles,