Audio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 74. Camp position South 89 degrees 17 decimal 420 minutes, West 080 degree 20 decimal 831 minutes. Distance 8.3 miles, time 9 hours, elevation 9,100 feet, distance to South Pole 42 miles. Current targeting VLF airport marker, 42 miles at 177 degrees, I don’t want to head dead south cause there’s a huge HF antenna and I to have to divert around it and that’d cost me half a day so. At this distance I can just shoot straight forward and there should be no cost. I was trying to be real subtle about my correction with my compass to 175 and so far I’m holding the course. Found that there are, besides myself, 3 teams remaining. Villa from Iceland last night was at 89 degrees 30 minutes, so she’s probably about 3 days ahead of me. There’s a South African ski the last degree team, 89 degrees 52 minute, they should be at the Pole tomorrow and then there’s a crazy guy, poor guy, named Richard Parks, whose all the way back at 87 degrees 11 minutes. The weathers beginning to deteriorate and he’s just entering the hell zone, I can not even imagine going through that stuff in that deteriorating weather. Today was pretty much a serious day of real punishment, suppose to only be 10 knot winds and that’s how it started but it got up to 20 – 25, I mean I just died. It got strong enough to where I started getting shoved around when I was facing away from the wind. So I know that’s at the 20 plus mark and fortunately I put my parka on in the beginning. So this whole google fogging, icing thing I figured out is when that is blowing dead in my face they ice up no matter how cold I’m traveling, I mean I was a shivering cold, miserable dog and the only way I kept them relatively fog free was the last session, my hands were freezing, my feet were freezing, I was literally yelling at myself, keep warm, thinking of …Santa Ana Winds, Vegas, anywhere to keep me hot. I barely held on, I was planning to do another 15 minutes but my stomach was starting to sear, I was just roasted. I know it’s bad wind because the horizon becomes hazy and gray, when I see a gray horizon I know I’m in for a real beating. It’s been a long time since I’ve suffered through that and yea I pretty remember how much I hate it. Tomorrow the forecast is suppose to be for light wind and then Thursday it’s suppose to deteriorate theoretically 10 knots out of the east but now that I know what that means, oh my gosh. So I don’t quite know what I’m running on at the moment. Also, oh my gosh, I’ve been feeling kinda bad over the last 2 or 3 days eating breakfast, just eat some, feel blah, real yucky, take a while to eat it. What I do? I figured out today while chomping on my butter is all my butter supply has gone rancid, when it was cached by the air craft crew, it wasn’t buried so it was sitting in the sun, you’d think at minus 15/20 degrees it wouldn’t have gone bad, it’s destroyed so I’m out 7/8 blocks of butter, oh boy, um, bonus, sled lighter, major draw back, I’m gonna be hungry, gosh dang it that sucks. As long as I can hold 8.3 miles, I’ll get to the Pole or at least a Geo camp sight and then I don’t know what I’m gonna do because their gonna close down the camps so. Needless to say it’s getting tight and kinda stressful so. Hope all is well. Out!

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