Audio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 73. Camp position S89 09.138, W081 02.217. Time of travel 9 hours, distance 8 miles, elevation 9,000 feet, distance to South Pole 51 nautical miles. Next way point I’m targeting is actually a VLF marker, for air crafts, just off the pole at 177 degrees, so as it’s about 50 miles away, I need to start correcting for that instead of heading about 180 degrees south, otherwise I’m gonna end up with over a half a day of travel just to laterally traverse which would really suck. So at this distance, 04 degrees, I just dial that in, hopefully on the compass, I tried to dial it in today but I actually didn’t do too well so. I’ll make my correction more severe, cause 2 or 3 degrees I can’t even, it’s really tough to even do on the compass especially with the huge bubble that develops when that things shaking so definitely a challenge there. Also I ran into some mushy sastrugi from 89.03 to 89.06, it was all lateral to the traverse, uh that sucked, slowed me down, it was only a quarter mile slow down but slow down is slow down and my hip lets me know that yea dude not pleasant. So that was interesting. Um, hey question for Alf, I was calculating the horizon viewing distance for human is about 3.4 miles and yet when I see objects on the horizon and I march towards them, they’re maybe only a quarter miles distance, does the earth move around here or what? If you could give me a calculation on that I’m kinda curious. Uh Kelly asked if I could seam seal the goggles, if I would have done it probably several weeks ago when it was warmer and I could get my goggles totally dry then maybe. I keep piling on duct tape but that doesn’t seem to do anything. One thing I found too is it’s when the wind is dead in my face that’s when I die cause today I was really good and when the wind shifted a little bit, then my face foom, almost immediately. So what I did was I started walking with my face sideways and after a while things cleared up so I don’t know what the deal is with that, I’m not blowing it out but, too I notice when I’m going where ever the wind directions coming from the opposite side tends to be the one that will fog up, uh I don’t know. I’ve just been trying to run as cold as possible, when I’m skiing I’m just cold and when I stop I’m shivering and just miserable, to try and keep those goggles from fogging cause once they fog I can’t navigate cause all the globs of snow out here is so small and subtle that your goggles aren’t clear you just can’t see em, that really sucks. My mom asked, how much weight do I think I’ve lost? Definitely notice the pants are a little bit looser, my stomach isn’t gone, I’ve consuming probably 5,700 calories a day, toss down a cookie or 2 just to cut the bonking out I suffer the first 2 sessions cause that’s pretty miserable, seems to help a lot. Also, today I went to total inner space, not the Martin Short movie, but just going through memories of places I’ve been, where I’ve gone, what I’ve done, people I’ve known, people I’ve forgotten, cause I’m just trying to pass the time as much as I want to listen to my ipod, it dies in this extreme cold and I can’t get the audio books to play in proper order so it’s infuriating and useless anyway. Hopefully as long as the weather holds out, 6 days to the Pole, give or take. Out!

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