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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 67. Camp position South 88 degrees 18 decimal 773 minutes, West 082 degrees 36 decimal 407 minutes. Time 9 hours, distance 8.3 miles, distance to South Pole 101 miles, current elevation 9,635 feet. I don't exactly believe that because I was told that the South Pole is exactly 9,186 feet so. GPS elevation's always kinda fuzzy and especially down here is quite erroneous and unless all of a sudden I start going down a bunch of hills over the next 100 miles, I'll probably have to correct that out. The hill that I went up yesterday and camp on, I'm now calling that 6 Session Hill, took me a full 6 sessions, an entire day in totality to get up that thing, unbelievable. And then I'm camped on another hill right now, the tough part has been the streaking and sastrugi isn't particularly big but it's exactly perpendicular to my line of travel so you just can't get a good speed and keep moving, you just keep hitting stuff so, it's quite discouraging that's for sure. It keeps making me do static friction in motion in 20 feet and then you stop, just kinda saps your energy. Speaking of sapping energy, I got the enjoyable little gastro intestinal activity this afternoon, I haven't had that in I don't even know how long. I think it stems from my camp cookware, smelled a little funny last night, I poured the usual boiling water in there and I thought it was clean, wrong. So I triple boiled it and kinda worked it over and hopefully will be ok. Naturally of course I ended up with my strongest meal, chili mac beef so (laugh), boy you don't want to be near my tent tomorrow morning that's for sure. Let's see what else do we got going here, any of the newcomers that are following this expedition here, if you have any questions or thoughts or want to know anything about what it's like down here or what I'm doing this for or how I do certain things please shoot me an email on facebook or through my expedition manager, Kelly, my parents or however you know me, then they'll definitely be able to get me the message. And also everybody that sent messages, thank you so much it definitely raises the spirit that's for sure. Thank goodness today was a very nice day, barely any breeze cause man that stuffs now cutting like a razor blade, even just a little 5 knot wind and you're like "oohh". I can hardly use my alpine gloves, I have to wear the pogies. I'm gonna have to break out the mittens and I really hate using those things cause, I don't know the pogies are annoying. I can take off the pogies and then use my alpine gloves to do things but once I've got the mittens on, the only way I can really practically do things is to take out my liner gloves to fiddle things and that really sucks. So uh I mean you just, in this air temperature, it's probably minus 25 minus 30, you just can not have your skin exposed to air, especially the wind, I mean the wind chill's at minus 70 even at 10 knot wind and boy that'll get ya. Hope all is well with everyone. Out!

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Audio Dispatch

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