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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 65. Camp position South 88 degrees 00 decimal 457 minutes, West 083 degrees 07 decimal 141 minutes. Distance 8.6 miles time of travel 9 hours, elevation 9,300 feet, distance to South Pole 120 miles. Woohoo, finally dear Lord I am in the 88 degree ring. Oh my gosh, I can not believe the punishment it has been to get here, hohohoho. Today the sastrugi, until about 4 O’clock and I stop at 6, was just pure punishment, my hip is killing me. But what I figured out is because I had to run my traces so short, traces are what attach me to the Charlie sleds, and to prevent the sleds from crashing into things and they did anyway, I even had a turtle where it fully rolled over, that I had so much lifting force and it wasn’t balanced, it’s just breaking my hip. As soon as the sastrugi started to descend here I’ve been able to let the traces out a bit and it’s felt much much better, thank goodness. Uh it was light sun today, overcast, and a tiny bit of snow right now and boy I hope it doesn’t snow anymore, cause that makes things miserable. Let’s see, I have the most incredible optical display I think I’ve ever seen ever, granted I don’t live in snowy locations but there was the 22 and a half degree sun bow around the sun, each side had a blazing bright sun dog of rainbow color, then there was a much rarer 45 degree sun bow around the sun and dead vertical was opposing 45 degree sun bow. I don’t even think I’ve ever read about that in my atmospherics book, and then there was a full 360 degree white halo from the sun all the way around the sky and I couldn’t exactly measure it but it was either 75 or 90 degree there was a bright sunburst as well and I don’t remember that ever being in my atmospheric optics book either, so I’ll have to look that thing up, I’m sure it was but it’s so rare and I got to see it down here, that was so cool. Yea that brings a tear to your eye let me tell ya. Uh yea the punishment level at the 87 degree area, by the time I get home I’m gonna need to see a podiatrist, and orthopedist, a regular doctor, probably the dentist, a psychiatrist, psychologist and a chiropractor all in the same week cause I am gonna be a fricken wreck, oh my gosh. But I’m about 1.5 miles off the scrap track but I found some other expeditionist tracks and I’m running on those at the moment just to save myself a little bit of time cause I really wanna roll this thing, get it done and get home to see people. I saw two twin otters flying South today and also the basler flying South and It was neat, one twin otter flew low, nothing happened, the other one flew high and left a contrail, so looked pretty fascinating there. Questions that have come up, Wendy asked, does my food freezer burn after all these weeks? nope, there’s really no moisture in any of the food I have so there’s nothing to burn thank goodness, freezer burn cookies would be awful. Poor Kelly my expedition manager is developing completion anxiety for me, uh don’t develop that yet until I’m about 3 or 4 days out, then we’ll talk about that. Hope all is well with everybody. It is January 6th 2013. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 47. Camp position South 84 degrees 42 decimal 454 minutes, position West 080 degrees 31 decimal 290 minutes. Time traveled 9 hours, distance 11.7 miles.