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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 64. Camp position South 87 degrees 51 decimal 938, West 082 degrees 38 decimal 198. Time traveled 9 hours, distance 10 miles, distance to South Pole 127 miles, elevation 8,900 feet. Wow! I’m just camped west, in a place I’m going to call Impassable Titan Valley, the sastrugi in there has achieved over 9 feet, almost 10 feet high, the holes are massive, if my sleds would have fallen in there I, uh I don’t know what I would of done, probably would have broke things, I probably would have been toast and then there’s no rescue because there’s no place for an aircraft to land for miles around. Needless to say, a place you don’t want to go. Fortunately I found some other explorer tracks and I was warned you gotta be careful about following them cause you never know. But everybody instead of heading south they actually headed southwest and went on a constant contour around this valley and I had to say thank goodness because I would of pundled directly into that thing thinking, oh I better just head dead south, I would have been toast. It was satrugi upon sastrugi, side by side, it was like nothing I’d ever run into, even Colossal Hill and One Way Hill were not this bad, there were still paths, this stuff, I’m still on the upper rim, and it’s barely passable, totally crazy. So yep, passing, right hip is really starting to bug me so I gotta start feeding that thing advil, I don’t know. Trying to poke around and prod and figure out what the hecks going on with it, um yea I don’t know, hopefully it’s not in the joints just the muscles buggin out. To those in Jackson Hole suffering the 14 to 20 degrees below, hey your right there with me, but don’t forget you get to run from your car to your house to your work place, whatever your getting to do. I get to live in this 24 hours a day, you should try it sometime. Go out and camp in it, go out to Yellowstone go camping or Teton when it’s that cold, it’s pretty entertaining that for sure. Shout out to Emmett, thank you very much for starting to follow me here. Also, shout out to Brandon Stone at KUSI, thank you for doing the original story on me, I really appreciate it. Shout out to Lydia at Hybridge Communications, thank you so much for doing the copy work and creating a very cool business card that you allowed me to make or however you want to say that but I think I distributed over 250 in course of the time you guys making them to the time I left, that’s been a really good thing. Hopefully I will be able to crack 7 or 8 miles tomorrow and I’ll get to the 88 degree mark and start to get out of this crazy sastrugi. I thought it was bad before but, whoa my gosh. Also it was weird today, minus 20 degrees, I looked like Sid the sloth from Ice Age, I had icicles hanging from my mustache, I mean one inch long it was crazy and yet, because there was no breeze, I was roasting. The only thing I was wearing was my wool shirt and my shell jacket tied around my neck (laugh), fricken unbelievable. Right now there are thin clouds marching past and all I’m doing is praying they do not end up in a white out, if they do I have no idea how I’m gonna get through this jumbled mess, woohoo. Hope all is well. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello this is Aaron in Antarctica, day 20. Camp position South 80 degrees 53 decimal 634 minutes, position West 080 degrees 58 decimal 123 minutes. Time traveled 9.5 hours, distance