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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 62. Holy crap, more massive sastrugi. One team actually reported 9 feet high, I only saw 6 and 7 but. Anyway, camp position South 87 degrees 34 decimal 755 minutes, West 082 degrees 24 decimal 761 minutes. Distance only 8.5 miles, times 9 hours, distance to South Pole 145 miles, elevation 8,400 feet. Oh my gosh, the last hill I went over 87 degrees, 29 minutes, give or take, the drop off were so insane that I couldn’t go down them, actually had to go around them, that murders you on time going around stuff here, just kills you. So that probably whacked me on my mileage there which totally sucks but not much I can do about that. Let’s see, just totally crazy, apparently it’s gonna last 3 days, I was hoping to get out in 2 by doing 10 miles a day but not looking good for that so here we are battling sastrugi and apparently all other teams report absolute insanity as well so, I’m right there with them, it’ll be over soon but not soon enough. It’s beautiful but brutal. Hope all is well. Out!

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Hello from Antarctica it's day 10. Position South 80 degrees 19 decimal 167 minutes, position West 080 degrees 58 decimal 284 minutes. Distance traveled today 2.5 naitical miles, and time

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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 79. Camp position South 089 degrees 52 decimal 668 minutes, West 032 degrees 17 decimal 367 minutes. Distance traveled 8.4 miles, time 9.5 hours, elevation