Audio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 61. Camp position South 87 degrees 26 decimal 301, West 082 degrees 35 decimal 456 minutes. Time of travel 8 hours, distance 9 miles, elevation 8,200 feet, distance to South Pole 154 miles. Holy Moly, what I'm calling at 87 degrees 21 minutes south 082 degrees 25 minutes west is Colossal Hills, the sastrugi in there was so insane it was almost impassable. I mean from the hole to the top almost got to 8 feet on some of those things, I mean it was crazy. And no unfortunately I did not take any photographs, the weather was bad and it was super cold, the wind was ripping through and yada yada yada, no, no photographs. I was doing my absolute best not to fall down and break something seriously. The morning started out quite overcast and windy and mean, fortunately it broke through in a couple hours, of course once those clouds go away it actually gets much much colder. So I've been kinda fighting that, I've converted over to my parka, was hoping to wear my vest but I still got too warm with that thing. One of the reason definitely need to stay in my parka now on is I got a little wind burn and freezer burn on my cheek, gosh darn it. Since the winds southwest, it's a little bit weird but I guess it changes somewhere along here. So I've got a band aid over that guy to keep it protected and also use one of those big self adhesive bandages to protect my stomach and the chilblains there so. Trying to hold it together at 8,200 feet, it's much colder here, damn. Uh pretty much I've only had maybe 15/20 minute reprieves from sastrugi the whole time. Apparently all other teams reported, it's just unbelievable. I was told that, it was reported that at about 88 degrees it clears up and goes back to normal so, I've got another three good days of punishment. It's amazing how beautiful the formations are and I can spend hours and hours photographing them assuming I didn't freeze, but I have to make miles and after a while you see the stuff, you start yelling at it, I don't know, maybe that's me but, I just start smashing through and not caring, I'm sure I'll look back and wish I done more but when you gotta make miles and do all that it's about all you can do. Sure hoping every body's doing ok, wishing I could receive some messages from you guys, that'd be really nice. Well hopefully the weather will stay stable tomorrow with a light breeze. I pretty much camped in a patch of medium to light sastrugi so, all you do is just smash your sleds over things all day, I couldn't imagine anybody riding their bike or anything through here, I mean even walking through here is exceedingly difficult, it's so deep. The nice thing about skis is it actually bridges all that craziness. Just trying to stay warm, kinda weird I get super hot and yet there's several points of my body that it bites me so, well do you get chilblains and bites or do you get too hot? I don't know, that's a tough call. Even though everything is cold and I gotta figure out how to run my boots in the morning, my kartanker wool liners are still moist, annoying the heck out of me, can not figure out how to deal with that. Hope all is well. Out!

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Audio Dispatch

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