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Hello Happy New Year 2013, Aaron in Anarctica, day 60. Camp position South 87 degrees 17 decimal 404 minutes, West 082 degrees 39 decimal 525 minutes. Distance traveled 11.5 miles, time 10 hours, elevation 8,000 feet, Distance to Sout Pole 162 miles, I think, something like that, that doesn’t make sense, well whatever. Anyway, yea kinda having some higher altitude challenges now it’s like being up in Yellowstone, the water bottles are starting to feeze in Charlie Red, so I’m gonna have to keep them in the sleeping bag again, that’s a real pain in the butt. Stomach chilblains, they’re getting worse, I’m gonna have to wrap my other jacket around my waist. It’s just generally colder here, I mean one of the problems is I’m not powering up hard enough to generate the heat cause I had a good 6/7, 6 and a half hours of pure sastrugi crossing, just pure punishment and apparently it’s suppose to be like this for another 45 miles, oh my gosh, that’s gonna be freaking crazy. I did pick up my cache, everything seems to be here, I haven’t gone throught the goody bag yet but I’m gonna use a couple of those 4×4 bandages and put them on my stomach right now just to keep the air and the wind off cause that is the number one cause that gives you chilblains, wish I could put more clothing on just to battle it off but still just at that point where I’m gonna get too hot so, uh yea still kind of a challenge. Other than that going pretty well, hope everybody had a happy, good new years and didn’t have too bad of a hang over and a good time. Other than that I’m about a mile and a half of the normal track so tomorrow I’m gonna head back at 178 degrees to get back on point. And also 13 miles south is the crevasse field so definitely want to stay west of that bad boy, I don’t want anything to happen there that’s for sure. I learned that I’m about average for crossing sastrugi so that’s not all bad. One interesting here is a correction factor on the compass is now 45 degrees for the declination so if I didn’t put the declination in I would end up about 130 miles away from the Pole where I think I would be so definitely something you gotta be ultra careful about, the crazy declination here is pretty wild. Hope all is well with everybody, thanks. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 52. Camp position South 85 degrees 39 decimal 100 minutes, West 081 degrees 59 decimal 357 minutes. Time traveled 9 hours, distance 11.7 miles. Distance