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Hello this is Aaron in Antarctica, day 59. Camp position South 87 degrees 06 decimal 056 minutes, West 082 degrees 11 decimal 087 minutes. Time of travel 9 hours, distance 10 miles, distance to cache two 11.5 miles, elevation 7,800 feet, distance to South Pole 173 miles. Holy crud it’s starting to get cold here, woo boy. Tomorrow I’m gonna have to put my vest back on under my shell … I’ve been traveling, it’s annoying cause I’m pretty much feezing and still my gogles are fogging up cause I’m steaming up, it’s a hell of a battle. I actually had to wear my poggies all day even with my alpine gloves on so that’s been kinda crazy. Definitely getting colder but one of the problems is I’m crossing these massive sastrugi fields where I’m just kinda going under anaerobic power and just can not get the speed to warm up so between slow and fast, very difficult to manage that heat. I’ve been told the sastrugi classically lasts til 88 degrees 10 minutes, not exactly what I wanted to hear, real bummer, Also I was told that Hannah McKeand, most experienced skier on this entire route, has reported the sastrugui is worse then she’s seen in many many years and she has a lot of experience doing it so, this is gonna suck for about maybe 60 miles, oh man, that’s gonna be really rough. I can’t imagine somebody riding their bike through this stuf, I mean I can barely ski and stumble through it. Let’s see questions, will I eat chocolate and cookies after I do all this? from Stephanie B. in Cincinnati, and yes I am taking picks, Stephanie is also one of the major supporters of this expedition, thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I hope you guys are having a good time out there in the mid west, should be midnight fairly soon for you, hope your not just clocked out in bed. Nancy will be counting steaks and peas for new years, I gotta say I would love to have steak and peas right now. New years eve dinner is chili mac with beef uh yea. Let’s see what makes sustrugis so tall? I’m not exactly sure why they get so big at the 87 degree mark, I have no idea, all I know is that the wind really whips around and it drives it, just the right condition. For one thing I noticed, there are a lot steeper hills here that roll up and down rather than the light rolling hills I’ve experienced and there are a lot more valleys here. So right now actually this is a valley, I’m gonna call new years valley, whatever I want to call it. Out!

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