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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 58. Camp position South 86 degrees 56 decimal 376 minutes, West 082 degrees 04 decimal 930. Time of travel 9 hours, distance 11.5 miles, elevation 7,600 feet, distance to cache, I’m not exactly sure around 20 miles, distance to South Pole 183 miles. It’s a good thing I checked on my cache position cause what I was given to where the aircraft actually dropped it was, crud, almost a mile and a half almost 2 miles differnce I would’ve totally missed it. And unfortunately looks like a storm is skirting me right now which will really suck cause I hit the notorious sastrugi section, holy cow, this stuff’s 6/10 feet tall, I head east west and that means you gotta go laterally through it. Man if my sleds were on skis they would’ve gotten pulverised if not destroyed here. I’m doing my absolute best to make sure I don’t wreck my skis otherwise it’s gonna be a horrible walk, I mean that’s the one big stresser for me is making sure I keep my skis in tact. Not too many people I understand break them but man if they do that’s a long sucky walk. The sastruis super beautiful, but the, I had two major sections that each took about an hour and a half to cross. I noticed my mileage dropped quite significantly cause you just slow down a heck of a lot. I did get to photograph a few but the last section I hit of course was in session 6, I had no desire to stop and fool around, I want to get to camp and set it up, cause it takes a while to get through there and there are no real good places to camp in there unless you want to throw yourself a hole and wrap a sleeping bag and hope everything somehow magically works out, which of course never does here. So right now that edge of the storm is kinda skirting, it’s sunny it’s dark it’s sunny it’s dark. I’m hoping it blows through tonight, I’ll have ok conditions tomorrow just a light breeze, did totally die for a little bit so man it got hot again, I’m being relative at minus 15 degrees. I had to wear my jacket as a cloke and I’m still wearing my stomache skirt, my fleece jacket, my chilblains on my stomache are bothering me, I haven’t broken skin or turned black but it’s something I gotta be really careful about now. It is December 30th that means in Japan it is Happy New Years Eve to Wendy there, hope you go out and have a bunch of fun with friends and just remember those 3 advil after you get home cause you know how it is a day later. And then all of you who are still on the day before time zone, I don’t know what your new years plans are, mine are pretty much to ski ski ski, I wish I would’ve brought a little bit of, a vial of rum with me, that would’ve been some serious forward thinking but oh well sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Having fun, going across that sastrugi my … really bug me, it’s so stressful holding your arms up constantly, fighting them, it’s kinda challenging. And the hills here are getting pretty crazy too and I think that’s what’s causing the sastrugi, I can’t believe the steepness of the hills, I don’t know, really strange I figured it would’ve flattened out but guess you gotta gain elevation somehow. I have this delusion it would be this smooth incline (laugh), guess that’s a delusion. Hope all’s well. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello from Antarctica. Day 5 of travel. Camp position, South 80 degrees 09 decimal 704 minutes position West 080 degrees 34 decimal 451 minutes. Distance traveled 3 nautical miles, time