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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 57. Camp position South 86 degrees 44 decimal 994 minutes, West 081 degrees 59 decimal 288 minutes. Time traveled 10 hours, distance 13 miles, distance to next cache 34 miles, distance to South Pole 195 miles, elevation 7,200 feet. Ended up crossing two big domes and in it went through a place dubbed Valley 7 and in the bottom of that place is the place called The Pit now. Oh my gosh, as I began descending in the hill, I thought ah this isn’t bad and then it gets steeper, steeper, steeper and then the sleds, Charlies, starts scooting by themselves a little bit, oh not a good sign. So um yea, kept getting steeper and steeper, all of a sudden I noticed a sastrugi that usually you see them not to far away but boy this stuff did not get close forever telling me it was huge and sure enough there were small mountains inside this Pit, the sastrugi was over 6 feet tall, scooped out in bowls so it may be 8 feet tall in totality. It’s actually kind of a scary place, I was able to win my way through it but once I got to the bottom I realized, oh man, the only way a sastrugi this big is with really bad wind. Sure enough at the top of the hill everything’s pretty good but once I got in there that wind really started ripping, that was kinda miserable so. I knew I had to get outa there and unfortunately I had descended the Pit in session 6, normally my last session of the day, ending at 5:45 and I started getting up the hill, then I was like I gotta get out of this thing, the only got worse and worse as I started pouring down that hill. The east side of the hill was at least as steep as the one in Doom Valley, boy that thing sucks, so I’m headed up the south end and I’m camped about three quarters of the way up but man this thing goes on and on. The hill was so steep coming out of that, there were just no camp sites, I mean just nothing, it was icy and crunchy. So I rested for about 5 minutes, didn’t take a break, didn’t eat or get a sip of water casue I knew the longer I took the longer it was going to take for me to get a camp site, so I plowed for gosh another 45 plus minutes looking for even a vaguely suitable place. Right now I’m perched on a, it’s not a shelf on the cliff sense of it, the only shelf I ran into in the last 15 minutes that was even viable and I mean around me it’s all hilly so the Charlie sleds will take right off on me, ah geez. So I’m looking at another grind tomorrow. Hopefully the sastrugi I’m suppose to run into isn’t as big as that stuff down there cause oh my gosh I couldn’t believe how big that stuff was and certainly hope I don’t run to big valleys and pits like I’ve been cause it took me an extra hour to eek out that 13 miles and if it’s like this I’m in trouble. I took the extra advil at 2 o’clock to keep the pain at bay and definitely helped but the sustrugi also probaly helped, so if it starts getting rough like this the mileage will definitely tick down. Hope everybody’s doing well, I’m not sure what your plans for new years are but shoot me a message and let me know and I’ll toss it out. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello from Antartica, day 19. Camp position South 80 degrees 47 decimal 439 minutes position West 080 degrees 57 decimal 390 minutes. Time of travel 7.5 hours, distance thank goodness