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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 56. Camp position South 86 degrees 32 decimal 032 minutes, West 082 degrees 05 decimal 401 minutes. Time of travel 9 hours, distance 13 miles. First things first, wholy crud I did not mean to make the insult or make the forget, a very belated Merry Christmas and thank you oh oh oh so much to Wendy Davis of Tokyo Japan, I’m super sorry I forgot you on my Christmas wish list there, I really apologize for that one, just a total mental fubar on my part. Wendy is actually one of the major supporters and private sponsors of this expedition, she really helped out getting a lot of info, especially the travel set up for this thing to figure all out how the heck to even get my butt down here and down to Chile in a very timely and efficient manner so. Definitely didn’t mean to miss you there Wendy, I really apologize. Hopefully you guys have a roaring New Years in a couple days and get drunk, unfortunately I have no liquor with me what so ever, and you can’t take enough advil to do anything interesting without killing yourself so we’ll skip that part. Let’s see, camp information, distance to cache 47 miles, elevation 6,800 feet, distance to South Pole 208 miles. Let’s see, it has been cold, whoo boy, I noticed the chilblains on my stomache expanded a bit yesterday, and it’s cause that wind just starting to cut through my Event jacket, so today I put my stomache chilblain skirt on, that is my fleece jacket, I just tie it around my waist and use it as an apron skirt, that seemed to cut the edge off , cause there’s a good 15 knot wind almost the whole day so. Snow shifted around, sastrugi dusted a little bit, things that were here aren’t here, gone, it was kinda weird, you can watch my tracks blow in right behind me so, Even if I had to follow myself back, I’d be in real trouble so, thank goodness for compass and GPS. Left foot, oh boy that’s starting to hurt, that’s not a good sign so. What I’ve done is broken out my new kartankers put them in my boots and I’m jamming them in there to shape them so I can use them in the next day or two cause oh man, and it’s usually the big problem I have is when I get in these huge flat runs like today, the valley I cross where I camp, man it takes me 3 hours to get across that thing, then add a flat area of 4 and a half, boy, I mean it was huge and I’ve been going up a hill for the last hour and a half, hopefully I’ll top out here pretty quick. Weather contitions, pretty good, just even in my tent it’s starting to get cold, just the sun and barely a light wind so. The altitude is starting to catch up that’s for sure, I can start to feel it, I barely made 13 miles today and I suspect it’s not gonna get any better as time goes on and I’ve been told that bad sastrugi is gonna be heading my way in probably one degree, I don’t know. I understand ground conditions are gonna get pretty poor real quick here so It’ll be interesting, It’ll be good to get to my cache so I can supply up and also been notified that another expeditionist has decided to bail out so there’s a cache there as well waiting that if I need some extra supplies I will be able to use those, hopefully it all woks out for him but that cache has been abandoned so it is available to me, which is good, maybe there’ll something interesting in there to eat besides Lara bars, Pro bars, chocolate, pecan sandie, uh what else do I eat? almonds and shot blocks, that’s all I eat all day other than breakfast dust and dinner dust. Hope all is well with everybody. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello from Antarctica. Day 5 of travel. Camp position, South 80 degrees 09 decimal 704 minutes position West 080 degrees 34 decimal 451 minutes. Distance traveled 3 nautical miles, time