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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 55 Camp position South 86 degrees 19 decimal 152 minutes, West 082 degrees 07 decimal 836 minutes. Time of travel 9 hours, distance 13 miles. Distance to next cahch 60 miles, distance to South Pole 221 miles, current elevation 6,100 feet. Got the 12 rations remaining so I look pretty good there. Definitely learned there is a reason why I always bury the valance and to... last night I went to bed and... woke up today and the tent was booming... white out...blowing by, 20 knot winds uh yea, I noticed my barometer on my watch said, whoa hey better watch out, thanks, great. So even though it looks beautiful when you go to sleep, everything looks calm, horizon looks clear, you always put chunks of ice and snow, dusty snow, all the way around the tent because otherwise this whole place would have been filled with wind drift and I would have been choking out, it would have been a total mess and everything would have been wet so. Always always do that it was definitely a critical detail which I know it but getting burried is far far worse that's for sure. Today the travel was quite good, there was only on super long rise, took about a session, session and a half to get up it then massive dead zone, two and a half sessions, each session 75 minutes, I've got a 15 minute break in between so. I mean it just went on and on and on it was crazy, actually after a while I kinda wish I had the ipod set so I could listen to an audio book, I mean it was just like wholy cow does this flatness ever end, it was kinda weird. Now the snow up here is wind packed so when I hit my ski pole on it the basket mushes in, I mean it's probably gonna be like that for the rest of the trip, which is kind of a bummer cause it just keeps slowly getting softer and softer which of course slows you down and gives you more work. Looks like there's a little sastrugi ahead, no such a bad thing cause ... session 3, so I'm going along everythings all warmed up, just fine, all of a sudden the wind shifts slightly, it gets super cold, my regular medium gloves, I mean one minute my hands are searing and wanting to the ..., so turn face away from the wind, put my heavy gloves on, had to power it up for a minute or 2, out my hood back up, I mean just weirdest thing, the wind before felt relitively warm and just ice out of nowhere, it's the weirdest thing. I've had that happen several times, I haven't figured out the correlation between eating or anything, I just think the wind shifts but a terribly cold pocket of air comes along. Also, I've started to notice I can feel a little bit of the altitude now after coming up this last hill, maybe it's psychosomatic, I'm not totally sure on that one but I'll roll with it and know that I can't just lack the first session otherwise I get wacked. Somebody asked, how's the beard? uh it's there, it looks like crud, definitely not my look. My mom asked, did I take my passport? yes I did, cause apparently you can get your paasport stamped at the South Pole so absolutely want to get that done that's for sure. Camped right now, right before a hill, excited to get to my next cache if I can sustain this rate, it will be about 5 and a half days, that'll be really nice, then I'll have tons of food and fuel and safety to make it to the Pole. One thing is my left foots really, like left toe pad is really starting to bug me so I'm gonna swap out for my new kartankers and also switched out my bungy too cause I think that's starting to wear out so doing ok otherwise. Out!

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