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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 54. Camp Position South 86 degrees 06 decimal 045 minutes, position West 082 degrees 03 decimal 268 minutes. Time of travel 9 hours, distance traveled 14 miles. Pretty blown away I was actually able to scrape it, it was actually 13.8 but I won’t complain. The surface was super easy and after learning how to travel sustrugi a lot better I’ve been a lot more efficient, also trying to get more fission on my breaks, I don’t sit down on my sled anymore cause I notice my muscles get stiff and tired, I’m getting old. So Now I just stand for my breaks, and it’s actually kinda nice, I actually feel a bit better so my hips don’t get all cranked out, getting funky and I don’t risk breaking something else, seems like every week I’ve got new impresive breakage report. Distance to cache number two 73 miles, evelvation 5,900 feet, distance to the South Pole 234 miles. It was avery beautiful day to ski Antarctica that’s for sure. Light breeze, sunny, couple clouds just kinda floating around making things really interesting so it was very enjoyable. I noticed too at this altitude that the air is starting to get chillier and chillier as amazing as that can be so, eventually I’m gonna have to modify my clothing here. Still when I’m skiing the side of my legs are fully unzipped, I’m only wearing one pair of long johns, light ones. Still got shirt, just one short, my jacket is unzipped and sometimes I can slightly zip it up so. I suspect as I go in farther and penetrate the very interior of the continent and also the altitude it will finally catch up with me. Let’s see what do we got for today, oh yea Peter Ligotti asks, what am I gonna do to celebrate the Pole and I finally figured it out, I’m gonna walk around the Pole clockwise enough times to reverse my age just enough so I can enjoy being 38 for a few more days. The only place on the planet I suppose you can reliably do that since the North Pole floats around too much. So that will be kinda cool, probably take me, I don’t know, (laugh) probably 30 plus times walking around the Pole to reverse my age back to 38, but hey, not that you could do that everyday that’s for sure. Happy Boxing day to all you balmys out in Australia, Canada and wherever else you guys are that celebrate that holiday, it’s a little weird to us Americans but hey it’s your holiday, enjoy it. And a huge shout out from Antarctica to Sarah Bradstreet of Jackson Hole Wyoming, I hope you and your loved ones and friends and people you care about enjoy your 15th birthday, hopefully you don’t party up til 4 am but ya never know. Hope you guys have a good time there and hopefully it’s snowing so you can actually get out and do something. I’ve got plenty of snow, I’m standing on probably 7,000 feet of ice and snow so if you’d like some I definitely can share some. Hope all is going well post holiday, watch out for those credit card statements. Talk soon, Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello this is Aaron in Antarctica, day 20. Camp position South 80 degrees 53 decimal 634 minutes, position West 080 degrees 58 decimal 123 minutes. Time traveled 9.5 hours, distance