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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, Christmas camp, Merry Christmas to everyone! Camp postion South 85 degrees 52 decimal 274 minutes, West 082 degrees 02 decimal 575 minutes. Time of travel 9 hours, distance 13 miles. Huge thank you to Villa Borgarna of Iceland for showing me how to crash through sastrugi instead of going around it, it made a differnce of about 1.6 miles, 15 percent, let me tell ya that was such a huge boost to the spirit on this holiday, I can't even begin to describe it. It was actually a very beautiful day to travel, just a light breeze at 5,600 feet elevation. Actually starting to get kinda cool, cooler. The sun was out but I wasn't cooking cause there was a light breeze. I'm about 87 miles from my next cache, 248 miles to the South Pole currently. I hope everybody's enjoying their Christmas and that, definitely a white Christmas here that's for sure. Special thank you to Mom, Dad and Kelly for the cards you guys got me for Christmas, that means a lot to me to have gifts all the way out here on the bottom of the globe. And Also Kelly I got your message there what you're getting me for my birthday and Christmas and I'm speachless, thank you so much. Oh gosh, Merry Christmas to Mom, Dad, Kelly, Jason, Nicole, Justin, Jake, Aunt Nancy, Grandpa, Uncle Buddy, Aunt Debbie, Esther, Ray and the kids, Uncle Tom, Aunt Diane, oh boy keep going down the list here buddy boy, Alf, Sarah, Alfonso, Carmen, Lance, Danny, Jessica, boy um let's see who else do I got here, not exactly sure who's following the blog here but I really appreciate that. Ok what do we got, questions, how do I put up with the daily grind to put up and take down the tent day in and day out, tolerating six 75 minute straight sessions of dragging the sleds across the snow? um yea that's a good question, I don't have a particularly good answer other than the motivation of running out of food and fuel, that's always very high on the list, I only have right now 29/30 days worth of food and fuel left so if I don't make it by roughly then I'm going to be starving, of course ALE will probably bail my butt out. Yea having to make a location by a certain date and running out of food and fuel before you get somewhere is highly motivating to get you up, even though sometimes I lay around and thrash around for a few minutes, I know I have to get going by 9 otherwise I just don't get there, I like to stop at 5:45 otherwise it makes the day quite lengthy. A shout out to all the men who are 40 and above, hey uh, when you get a chance, right after New Years if you haven't done it already, stop by your doctor's office and ask to have a blood check for prostate cancer. Tiny little blood draw, no big deal, it's a cancer that with early detections 99% curable, of all the dumb things to get wacked by that is not it, it saved my dad and could save you or somebody you know. If you get a chance, check out the Prostate Cancer Foundation at That is one of the things I'm trying to raise awarness for, I've met so many people that have been affected by this cancer it's just blown me away. Don't let it go, don't put it off, all you do is get your blood drawn and your done. Merry Christmas! Out!

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Audio Dispatch

Hello from Antarctica it's day 10. Position South 80 degrees 19 decimal 167 minutes, position West 080 degrees 58 decimal 284 minutes. Distance traveled today 2.5 naitical miles, and time

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