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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 52. Camp position South 85 degrees 39 decimal 100 minutes, West 081 degrees 59 decimal 357 minutes. Time traveled 9 hours, distance 11.7 miles. Distance to next cache, 100 nautical miles, current elevation 5,400 feet. Current distance to South Pole approximately 260 miles. I enjoyed a mac-n-cheese for Christmas Eve dinner. Now last night I got to enjoy one of probably the best birthday presents I have ever received, ever, thank you so much mom and dad for putting the montage of so many people calling in and telling me Happy Birthday, letting me listen to everybody sing happy birthday, I mean I was just absolutely floored, couldn't believe you guys were able to put that together and man that was so special, being out in the middle of nowhere to hear so many voices, people in my life and people I care about and love, that was just, man, totally awesome. Yea actually my dad cuts videos, his company, there's a link on my website, (under sponsors) he's actually quite good at that, he happened to run up a gold panning, gold searching show. He can actually produce webmercials, special interest videos, school videos, just about anything you possibly need, is a good guy and well worth working, so if you got a chance go check out his website and give him a talk, you never know what kind of product your company or your person you might need to sell and video is a great way to do it. Today was actually quite unique in more ways than one, years and years ago I read about a place called the dead zone in Sahara in Northern Chad in Southern Libya and the author in National Geographic Adventure, now dead unfortunately, said that the place was so flat and so empty he could get his motorcycle up to speed, put his hands out, close his eyes and not have to worry about hitting anything. For just about an hour I found a place just like that, no sustrugi, no undulation, just tiny pockmarks, I was actually able to ski for up to 30 seconds with my hands out just scooting along and I could ony do 30 seconds cause I'd start to loose my balance and fall over but that was awesome, I've always dreamed about doing that and never expected to be able to do it, it was so cool. Today started out really warm, then the wind cut to ultra icy and I had to put a wind skirt on cause man it was burning the heck out of my stomache, that was not comfortable. Then about the end of the day the air literally warmed up, the weirdest feeling ever so I had to change costumes again. Here's the weirdest thing on Christmas Eve, almost Santa stopped by, Villa Borgarna from Iceland, I'm sitting here cooking my dinner, cooking the boiling water and I hear my named being yelled out, I thought ok I've finally gone off the deap end. No there is actually another human out here who saw my tent and headed over here for a full hour, it was crazy, yea she's actually out here skiing to the Pole, expects to be out here 55 daysish we'll see. She can do about 26 kilometers a day, I can only do about 20 so, I'll be several days behind her, but it was so neat to actually run into another human out here. It doesn't ruin the experience at all, I mean it's been gosh 50/52 plus days since I've seen any humans and it was neat to chit chat. Her rig is exactly the same as mine so (laugh) I have no excuses of why I'm so slow but oh well. Just chit chatted a bit, learned a little bit more about what she's doing and what she's raising interest for so that was super neat. What a neat Christmas Eve present. Alf I hope you, Sarah, your parents, Lance, Danny and everybody are all having fun. Out!

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Audio Dispatch

Hello from Antartica, day 19. Camp position South 80 degrees 47 decimal 439 minutes position West 080 degrees 57 decimal 390 minutes. Time of travel 7.5 hours, distance thank goodness

Getting the right capture equipment

Finding the right video camera to capture this year’s training trip has been a production. As much as I like running around with my Nikon D300s, it’s just not practical