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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 50. Camp position South 85 degrees 17 decimal 948 minutes, West 081 degrees 22 decimal 156 minutes. Distance traveled 11.5 miles, time traveled 9 hours, distance to next cache 123 miles, current elevation 4,600 feet. Traveling actually went well surprisingly after getting off the hard track, I’ve been traveling in soft mushy or dusty snow, 1 to 3 inches all day and I’m absolutely stunned to have to actually cover that kind of distance. I’m heading slightly West here to get on track to get away from a crevasse field farther South of me and so far so good, it looks like I’m on track, I’ll be going about 190 degrees tomorrow towards the next way point. Pretty nice today it was kinda weird it was real hot in the morning and then breezy and then slightly cooling in the afternoon and by the time I set up camp I’m headed towards a ground white out. One thing I did make a mistake of, I’ve been able to travel so, I guess relatively easier the last week and a half is I really powered it up the first session and oh stupid. Little bit sweaty, sessions 2 and 3 were pretty rough because of it I gotta get back into them and…of level loading things a bit, I just got so excited I decided to open it up but I guess that’s the way it works. Finally had a cool day an overcast day, I actually got to clean out my tent. The way I clean out my tent is after I set it up, and unfortunately it was all wet inside because it was so warm today, is I throw a bunch of dusty snow inside the tent, crazy as that seems, yes I actually throw snow in the tent and then rub it all around things, I’ve little crumbs and nuts and sunflowers, it’s kinda gross so, yea you don’t want your home, man this place has actually psychologically become my home, to deteriorate in some rot fest or sleeping in food that’s disgusting. So you just throw snow in there, dust it around and amazingly the snow pretty much soaks everything up, including that water that was sitting up here, then you just take a few minutes to dust it all out, scoop it out, throw it out and voila clean tent, not so dicgusting anymore, really happy about that. The new shovel is working amazingly well, get the tent done, get the shoveling done in maybe 3 minutes instead of 10 and I’m not dead at all which is a real pleasure. I was super hungry today, it was kinda weird, and also, (laugh) I made a dumb mistake last night, I enjoyed tea but gosh dangit it had caffeine in it, of course I don’t know which tea bags which so and I couldn’t get to sleep til almost midnight, that sucked, huge mistake. I was warned about that by somebody and yea it finally bit me in the butt that’s for sure, but I won’t do that again. I don’t want to have another bad night sleep it does affect performance that’s for sure. Had spagetti and meat sauce for dinner tonight, real enjoyable. It’s actually my 39th birthday tomorrow, kinda crazy to be in the absolute, have to call it waste land of snow and ice celebrating it but that’s how it worked out and in a couple days it will be Christmas as well so I guess that’s how it works out here but. I gotta couple of cards from loved ones so that’ll be good to open. And hey Dad, yea I know I’m trying to enjoy this thing as much I can cause, I remember when you told me in the boy scouts that these are the good ole days and well that’s over 20 years ago and you were right, once this is over it’s over. Thank you very much for the reminder. Hope all is well. Out!

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Audio DispatchAudio Dispatch

Hello, Aaron in Antarctica, day 35. Camp position South 82 degrees 32 decimal 416 minutes, position West 079 degrees 45 decimal 797. Time traveled 9 hours. Distance traveled 11 nautical