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Hello Aaron in Antarctica, day 49. Camp position South 85 degrees 05 decimal 948 minutes, position West 080 degrees 51 decimal 064 minutes. Time 9 hours, distance 12 miles. I was able to pick up my cache today, that was a huge load off the stresser. I’ve got 14 days worth of food and I’ve got 5 back up days on me so. As long as I’m able to keep up 10 mile days or better, I will be ok. That being said, I have run off my hard track and am now in soft packed snow, that sucks! The sleds being about 15 pounds heavier a piece, they actually seem to perform pretty well. Thank goodness ALE was able to come through and deliver both tent stakes and a shovel. The tent stakes are actually just heavy duty tent poles, I’ll keep running with mine until they totally crap out, then I’ll switch to theirs. And the shovel is a Voile Avalanche shovel, far better than the cheap piece of toy I brought, oh boy. It was so nice, I got the tent shoveled in maybe 3/5 minutes, normally takes me 10 plus with that little piece of junk blade I’ve got but. I’m gonna keep the blade just for the internal shoveling or making water, it’s actually pretty handy, it’s not big ole shovel. Things are actually going pretty well, and a huge differnce I noticed today is it was quite overcast, the sun wasn’t beating on me at all and man I was able to ski so much better, I could not believe it. It was weird, about session 4 the sun came out just a little I’m like oh my gosh I’m on fire. I’m running with my thinnest long underwear possible, and I have to go with the heavyshirt cause the lighter shirt is just too cold at this point. So that was pretty good and I crossed the half way to the pole mark, at roughly 1 o’clock this afternoon. Yea then I’m just over half way to the pole, gotta long ways to go but I’m getting there. Current distance to my next cache is 134 miles, uh and that ah is more like eating the elephant one bite at a time so. Right now I’m headed about 194 degrees dead South because there’s a crevasse field about 100 miles, 120/30 miles South of me I have to avoid so, I have to track West quite a bit, which is no big deal, better than dying in a crevasse that’s for sure. One thing I did notice is that where the tips of my skis occasionally cross each other when I crash into myself, I shaved the top off to the would core, son of a biscuit. Oh boy, so soon as it’s hot I’m gonna JB weld and seal that guy up cause that wood core being exposed means, gets a little warm, gets wet, gets in there, delaminates, skis broken, expedition over, that would not be good so. It is definitely JB weld time to seal those bad boys up. If it goes too long I will seam seal it but I prefer not to use that because I’ve been using that to hold my boots and all my other gear together. Got a question in from Edgar Rodriguez, I actually went to high school with him at Southwest High and graduated in 92′, super good guy, he was joking and said if the scheduled end of the world shows up, the poles shift, will I be sitting on a beach, well no since I’m sitting on some 5,000 feet of snow and ice at least, that would be a very swimming experience for me. The biggest problem I would have as pole shift is, I only travel by compass during the day, I never use my GPS, I don’t want to loose that thing. I don’t know once I set my compass baring I travel just fine with it. The only beach I’m planning to be on is Hawaii or Tahiti after I get this thing done, holy cow. Hope everthings going well, looks like tomorrow is the first day of summer in Antarctica and it’ll be minus 15 and overcast. Out!

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